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Admission of Students

A person becomes a student after admission to the Faculty.

Citizens of Serbia, students of Serbian nationality from the neighboring countries and foreigners have the right to enroll to the Faculty. Admission requirements are equal for all candidates.

Knowledge of Serbian language is the precondition for foreigners.

A foreigner pays full amount of the tuition fees at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, unless it is specified differently in an international agreement.

Enrollment to the firs year of study is based on an open competition. The announcement contains: number of students at each Study Program, admission requirements, criteria for ranking candidates, deadline for registration of the admitted candidates, and tuition fees paid by the students who are not financed from the budget.
The open competition is announced by the Faculty. Faculties founded by the Republic of Serbia publish common announcement for enrollment to the first year of undergraduate studies.

Number of students for enrollment to the first year of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as the tuition fees for self-financed students are determined by the Government, after the opinion form the University has been obtained.

Candidates who enroll to the first year of studies take an enrollment exam in one of the following subjects: mathematics, physics or chemistry. Candidates who pass the enrollment exam can be ranked for admission to the first year of undergraduate studies. Selection of candidates for admission to the first year of study is performed according to the general high school performance and the results of the enrollment exam. General high school performance can bring maximum 40 points, while a candidate can acquire at least 15, and not more than 60 points from the enrollment exam.

On condition that the envisaged quota of future students is still not fulfilled after the enrollment, candidates who pass the exam in mathematics, physics or chemistry at some other faculty of the Belgrade University are eligible to apply.

Open competition for enrollment of students to the first year of undergraduate studies is carried out by the selection panel which comprises three members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty.

The selection panel forms a ranking list of the candidates who have taken the enrollment exam.

A person with finished four-year-lasting high school can apply for admission to the first year of undergraduate studies at Faculty of Mining and Geology.


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