- REinforcing S&T CApacities of Two Emerging Research Centers

for Natural and Industial Pollutant Materials in Serbia and Slovenia




May 1 , 2011
End of the project


April, 2011
Writing the final report






March 17-18 , 2011
A two days meeting
"Ready for serving the society in solving its environmental problems"
was organized at the UB-FMG.
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More than 50 participants followed the meeting. Amongst them, representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and Ministry of environmental protection and spatial planing were present.
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The meeting was devided into two sessions:

1 - OPERA: Our People in European Research Area
According to the program, six researchers who were our students and who work abroad presented their main results, research projects and plans for the future.
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2 - RESTCA-TERCE-NIPMSS Project: Major achievements and their sustainability

The second day was dedicated to the project RESTCA. The Serbain team members presented the main tasks of the project:
Infrastructure: a huge step forward
Major deliverable: SEM-EDS laboratory
"Brain gain" - highly improved research potential
After three years of the RESTCA project

After the presentation, the coctail party was organized in Museum of minerals and rocks at UB-FMG.
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February, 2011
Dr Robert Sajn and MSc Jasminka Alijagic spent ten days in Serbia having practical work in the field aimed at training the Serbian team members and UB-FMG students. Despite bad weather conditions they successfully collected samples of soils, alluvium and stream sediments along the Ibar River. This work represents the first step to further common projects oriented to mining-related environmental problems in Serbia.
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All three RESTCA teams met in Belgrade and had successful meetings. Special attention was given to practical work in the SEM-EDS laboratory with Dr Heidi Hoefer.
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January, 2011
According to the official permission from the RESTCA-TERCE-NIPMSS project officer, a crusher-mill for powdering rocks and minerals was purchased and supplied to the UB-FMG. The type of the machine is Retsch PM200. It consists of two agate jars 125 cm3 each.
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December, 2010
In the frame of deliverable D3.5 Serbian RESTCA-TERCE-NIPMSS team prepared a program and plan of the course on SEM-EDS that will be integrated into curricula at the UB-FMG study program of Geology. This procedure will be officially completed during the next step of accreditation in spring 2012.

November 21-26, 2010
In the frame of project mobility activities Dr Aleksandar Pacevski made a visit to GUF. The aim of his visit was to gain practical knowledge for working in the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy.

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November 1-5, 2010
A short thematic workshop on
"Environmental problems related to active and abandoned mines in SE Europe"

will be organized by UB-FMG

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The seminar had following parts:

I - The main part of the seminar was represented by lectures given by sicentists and experts from SE Europe. Around 50 participants in total from several faculties, scientific institutes and companies followed the seminar (See inquiry). Sixteen lecturers from seven countries had talks about important environmetal problems: Dr Stefan Weyer (University of Hannover, Gemany), Dr Ladislav Palinkas (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Sciences, Croatia), Dr Dragana Zivotic (UB - Faculty of Mining and Geology, GUF), Dr Branimir Jovancicevic (UB - Faculty of Chemistry), Dr Mihaela Sima (Insitute of Geography, Romanian Academy of Science), Dr Radostina Atanassova (Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Science), MSc. Tomaz Budkovic, Dr Mateja Gosar and MSc. Jasminka Alijagic - all from Geological Survey of Slovenia, Dr. Marina Lazarov (University of Hannover, Gemany), Dr. David Alderton (University of London, Royal Holloway, United Kingdom), Dr. Trajce Stafilov (Ciril and Methodius University, Macedonia), Dr Anja Dosen (Institute Vinca, Serbia), MSc. Bozidar Djokic (Geological Institute of Serbia, Serbia), MSc. Lidija Djokic (UB-Faculty of Biology), MSc. Dragana Randjelovic (UB-Faculty of Forestry).
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Special guest of the seminar was a student group (Jelena Drobac, Marina Ravilic, Milica Stefanovic, Jugoslav Miletic, Sandra Radivojevic) who made a project entitled: "Conscience on the landfill - should be recycled"
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II - The Serbian RESTCA team organized a visit of the biggest ash deposit and coal open pit of Drmno, close to the power plant Kostolac. The participants were led by enginners from the localities who gave information about both the deposit and the open pit.The participants visited remnants of a mammoth and Roman archeological site Viminacium, both situated within the open pit of Drmno.
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III - There was an open meeting that was organized by UB-FMG. The main topic of the meeting was future cooperation, discussions about finding grants for common project and define problematics that could be investigated.
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September 18, 2010
The first birthday of the laboratory
During the first year the laboratory of SEM-EDS had more than 700 working hours. Around 100 users from 20 institutions have used the laboratory facilities in the frame of research and industrial projects. In the SEM-EDS laboratory different materials were analysed: minerals, synthetic compounds, metals and alloys, fossils, waste materials, air particles, fly ash, electrodes, teeth, skin samples, kidney stones, plants, wood, cellular fibres, starch, leaven, laser impacts, archaeological items, etc. Researchers from the following scientific disciplines used our lab: geology (mineralogy, petrology, palaeontology), material sciences and technology (crystallography, nanomaterials, textile engineering, structural materials), metallurgy, electrochemistry, mechanical engineering, archaeology, medicine (dentistry, dermatology), biology, biochemistry, environmental protection and so on. The most frequently users were coming from the following higher education institutions: Faculty of Mining and Geology, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry - all of them from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sciences (University of Kragujevac), Faculty of Technical Sciences and Faculty of Dental Medicine from the University of Pristina, as well as from the following research institutions: Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials, Institute "Gosa", Geological Institute of Serbia, Nuclear Institute "Vinca", Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, and Institute for Mining and Metallurgy Bor.
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August 27-September 3, 2010
During the period from 27th August to 3rd September 2010 Aleksandar Kremenovic visited Darmstadt in Germany in order to enhance activities connected with work packages: WP2 - Reinforcement of international co-operation. Networking and WP4 - Dissemination and outreach activities.

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May 31-June 5, 2010
A themtic course entitled:
"X-ray diffraction and its application inthe investigation of crystalline materials"

wias organized by UB-FMG
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The seminar had two parts:

I - The introductional part concerning x-ray diffraction and practical work in the Laboratory of x-ray diffraction of the UB-FMG was held at the UB-FMG. Lectures were given by Prof. Dr Vidojko Jovic, Prof. Dr Ljiljana Karanovic, Prof. Dr Aleksandar Kremenovic, Dr Irena Petrovic-Prelevic, Prof. Dr Aleksandra Rosic and Prof. Dr Radovan Dimitrijevic. Practical work in the laboratory was led by Prof. Dr Aleksandar Kremenovic and MSc. Predrag Vulic.

II - The seminar continuded in Ivanjica where the Serbian Crystalographic Society (SCS) organized XVII Crystalographic Conference of the SCS. Amongst lecturers, guests of the RESTCA project and some members of the Serbian RESTCA team have lectures as well. Our lecturers were: Dr Tamara Djordjevic, Dr Biljana Lazic, MSc. Predrag Vulic, Dr Aleksandar Pacevski , PhD student Ivana Veljkovic.
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March 15-17, 2010
Conference "Week of Innovative Regions in Europe - WIRE2010", Granada (Spain)
RESTCA Project coordinator will take part to the conference jointly organized by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Commission under the auspices of the Spanish EU Council Presidency. WIRE2010 will be a high-level forum for discussion of stakeholder's good practices and ideas on how to make the best of European, national and regional funding for R&D and innovation and more efficient ways to conduct future actions. In this line, REGPOT programme (Capacities - FP7) will have a whole dedicated conference. RESTCA will be presented during the poster session.

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February 15-26, 2010
A seminar entitled "Microanalytical techniques in applied Earth science" was organized at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology.

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The seminar had two parts:

I - A short practical course was organized in the SEM-EDS Laboratory at the UB-FMG and it was led by Dr. Heidi Hoefer (GUF) and Dr. Axel Gerdes (GUF) who practiced with seven participants. During the five days the participants aquired important knowledge about the usage of the existing SEM-EDS system to get high magnification SE, BSE and CL images as well as to acquisit EDS chemical analyses of different natural and industrial material.
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II - The theoretical seminar comprised lectures about different analythical methods and their applications in Earth sciences and in various environmental research. More than 40 participants from several faculties, scientific institutes and companies followed the seminar (See inquiry). Fourteen lecturers from seven countries were: Dr. Axel Gerdes (GUF), Dr. Marina Lazarov (GUF), Dr. Robert Sajn (GeoSZ, Slovenia), MSc. Jasmina Alijagic (GeoSZ, Slovenia), Dr. David Alderton (University of London, Royal Holloway, United Kingdom), Dr. Dirk Frei (GEUS, Denmark), Dr. Stefan Weyer (Koeln University, Germany), Dr. Mihaly Postfai (University of Pannonia, Hungary), Dr. Trajce Stafilov (Ciril and Methodius University, Macedonia), Dr. Biljana Skrbic (University of Novi Sad, Serbia), Dr. Milica Kasanin-Grubin (EDUCONS Uniocersity, Serbia), MSc. Bozidar Djokic (Geological Institute of Serbia, Serbia), MSc. Dusan Kojic, University of Belgrade, Serbia), Dr. Aleksandar Pacevski (UB-FMG).
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February 21, 2010
Meeting of the Project Managment Board
Representatives from GUF (Dr. Axel Gerdes and Dr. Marina Lazarov) and GeoZS (Dr. Robert Sajn and MSc. Jasminka Alijagic), together with coordinator of the RESTCA project Dr. Vladica Cvetkovic, Dr. Kristina Saric, Dr. Aleksandar Kremenovic and Dr. Suzana Eric from UB-FMG had a short meeting aimed at discussing the interim project results, in particular, the action plan for futher deliverables.

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December 1st, 2009
The second young researcher position is filled at the UB-FMG. MSc. Predrag Vulić
was the best out of three candidates for this position. He has signed the contract with the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology and his position starts from December 1st 2009.

November 11, 2009
"2008th Annual Report of Sate of Environment in Serbia"
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Kremenovi attended the presentation of "2008th Annual Report of Sate of Environment in Serbia" organized by Serbian Agency for Environmental Protection - SEPA (part of Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection). The presentation was organized on 11th November in hotel Best Western UMADIJA in Belgrade. The report could be found on site During the presentation breaks common interest between RESTCA-TERCENIPMSS and SEPA for cooperation in recognition and definition of earth pollution hot spots were expressed.

November 6, 2009
The announcement for one young-researcher position was made on November 6th.
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October 6-9, 2009
In the frame of the RESTCA-TERCE-NIPMSS activities Geological Survey of Slovenia is organizing a workshop entitled “Environmental geochemistry - Anthropogenic impact on the human environment in SE Europe”.
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The workshop was a great opportunity for representing the GeOZS achievements, gaining the knowledge from other participating countries in the field of environmental geochemistry, as well as for strengthening the international cooperation networking and partnership between SEE and EU countries. 66 authors from 9 countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) presented 36 contributions in environmental geology and geochemistry based on professional experience.
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September, 2009
Opening ceremony and promotion of the newly formed Laboratory for Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Technique at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology have been planned to be held between September 15th and 20th.
The opening ceremony and promotion of the SEM-EDS laboratory was held on September 18th at the UB-FMG. More than 70 people from different scientific organizations and industrial companies attended the ceremony. Among the invited persons, two academicians Prof. Stevan Karamata and Prof. Zoran Maksimović were also presented. Prof. Miloš Nedeljković, Governmental Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, opened the laboratory pluging in the electron gun. By his speech, Prof. Miloš Nedeljković encouraged scientists of various fields to use the laboratory facilities as well as to apply for other projects.
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August 17-20, 2009

Installation of X-Max Energy Dispersive Spectrometer and Mini CL cathodoluminiscence detector and short course on the usage of this equipment.
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July 8 – August 5, 2009

In the frame of project mobility activities Dr. Aleksandar Kremenović (team member of the beneficiary 1) visited Canada in order to enhance activities connected with work packages: WP2 - Reinforcement of international co-operation. Networking, WP3 – Brain gain activities at the education and research level and WP4 - Dissemination and outreach activities.
A short report

June 23-27, 2009

Installation of JEOL JSM-6610LV Scanning Electron Microscope and BALTEC-SCD-005 Sputter coating device and short course on the usage this equipment.
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June 14-21, 2009
In the frame of project mobility activities Dr. Kristina Šarić and Dr. Suzana Erić (team members of the beneficiary 1) made a visit to GUF. The aim of their visit was to gain practical knowledge for working in the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy.
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June 10-19, 2009
Laboratory room has been completely furnished.

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June 8, 2009

The shipment of the complete SEM-EDS equipment was successfully organized. Only one schock sensor on a single box was disturbed but without any effect on the equipment inside.
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May, 2009
Installation of SEM JSM-6610LV, INCAEnergy 350 Microanalysis System, MINI CL and Sputter coating device.
It is expected that the purchased equipment will be delivered and completely installed until the end of May 2009.

The first project report will be finished until the end of this month.

May, 2009
Dr. Aleksandar Pačevski signed the contract with the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology and his post-doc position in the project RESTCA begins from the May 1st 2009.

April 27-30 2009
A short course on scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive technique was organized at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology with more than 40 participants( See inquiry). The lecturers were Dr. Heidi Hoefer (GUF), Dr. Axel Gerdes (GUF), Dr. Marina Lazarov (GUF), Dr. Dirk Frei (GEUS, Denmark) and Slavko Žižek (SCAN, Slovenia).

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Adaptation of a laboratory room for the equipment installation has been finished.
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April, 2009

Adaptation of a laboratory room for the equipment installation.
The room in the basement of the Department building has been tested for installation requirements.

February, 2009
The announcement for two post-doc positions was made on February 27th.
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February 7-10, 2009
The Project coordinator’s visit to GeOZS.
In the frame of management tasks and as part of continuous mobility activities the Project coordinator Dr. Vladica Cvetković made a short visit to Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeOZS). The visit to LJubljana included meetings with GeoZS team members and consultations about the ongoing and further project activities, especially about the thematic symposium to be organized at GeOZS later this year. In addition, Project coordinator paid a visit to the SEM-EDS laboratory that had last year been installed at GeOZS.

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November - December, 2008
The activities related to the purchase of a Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an Energy Dispersive Spectrometer are expected to be finished until the end of 2008.
The Commission of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology had a meting. The offers were evaluated and it was decided to buy a following system:
JSM-6610LV (a low vacuum SEM with a gun chamber with LaB6 filament and Ion Pump = 10-5 Pa)
Turbo Molecular Pump Evacuation Unit (included in basic instrument),
MINI CL – cathodoluminiscence detector 185nm – 850nm,
INCAEnergy 350 Microanalysis System including X-Max Large Area Analytical Silicon Drift,
Sulphide/Heavy Metals standard block – set of 30 sulphide and metal standards, and
BALTEC-SCD-005 Sputter coating device.

December 7-21, 2008
In the frame of project mobility activities Dr. Aleksandar Kremenović (team member of the beneficiary 1) made a short visit to Slovenia.
A short report

October 14-16, 2008

RESTCA was presented by coordinator at the first National Congress of Macedonian geologists, October 14-16, 2008, Ohrid (Macedonia).
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October 8-12, 2008

17th International Fair of Ecology, Medicinal Herbs and Water "Eco-world"
The major concept of RESTCA and its expected impacts were be presented at the Fair which werel be attended with many exhibitors and visitors dealing with environment protection and return to nature.

September 8-9, 2008

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology, Đušina 7, Belgrade, Serbia
The kickoff meeting and the formation of the Project Management Board with participation of the coordinator and project team leaders

The kick-off meeting of the RESTCA Project Management Board was successfully organized on September 8th-9th in Belgrade.
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August 7th, 2008

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology, Studentski trg 16, Belgrade, Serbia
The first meeting of the UB-FMG project team.

May 1st, 2008

The official start of RESTCA.