About Symposium


We are pleased to inform you about the 6th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection. The 6th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection will be held on June 2017 in Vrdnik, Serbia, organized by the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade – CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING.

Previous Conference, were very successful. Scientist and companies from many countries gathered to share experiences, information and research results. The objective of this Conference is to bring together engineers, scientists and managers working in mining industry, research organizations and government organizations, on development and application of best practice in mining industry in the respect of environment protection.

On the previous the 5th International Symposium of Mining and Environmental Protection MEP 2015 participation took about 100 participants from home and abroad. Participation in Conference took participants from Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose works were printed in the Conference Proceedings. The Proceedings published a total of 66 articles.

Selected papers from the Conference were published in a special issue of the journal Energies (ISSN 1996-1073). This journal is an open access journal of related scientific research, technology development, engineering, and the studies in policy and management and is published monthly online by MDPI, with Impact Factor: 2.077 (2015), http://www.mdpi.com/journal/energies

At the Conference in Vrdnik 2017 is expected, too, a large number of scientists from Serbia and foreign service.

The attendance of representatives from almost all Serbian mines is expected, as well as, a significant participation of professionals from mines, institutes and universities from all over the world.

This year, selected works from the Conference MEP 2017 will be published in journals:

Minerals (ISSN 2075-163X), witch is an international, open access journal of natural mineral systems, mineral resources, mining, and mineral processing. Minerals is published monthly online by MDPI, with Impact Factor: 1.500 (2015), http://www.mdpi.com/journal/minerals.

International Juornal of Transport and Logistics (ISSN 1451-107X), an international, peer-reviewed, quick-refereeing open access journal, which provides an advanced forum for studies related to transport and logistics. The journal publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews. Publishers are Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology, Košice, Slovakia and Univerisity of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade, Serbia. http://ulpad.fberg.tuke.sk/transportlogistics/

Underground Mining Engineering -Podzemni radovi” (YU ISSN: 0354-2904). Jounal apart from highly technical issues of underground mining, also publishes papers from all other fields of mining, geology and geosciences, as well as from other scientific and technical disciplines having direct or indirect application in mining. Publisher Univerisity of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade, Serbia. http://www.rgf.bg.ac.rs/publikacije/PodzemniRadovi/