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Quaternary Geology B

Course Description

Study program: Geotechnics (V semester -OAS), Hidrogeology (VII semester -OAS)

Name of subject: Quaternary Geology B

Instructors: Dr Draženko Nenadić

Status: Optional


Prerequisites: does not have

Course Objectives: Getting to know types of Quaternary deposits, research methods, distribution of these deposits in the world, and particularly in the area of Serbia.

Learning Outcomes: Possibility of stratigraphical and palaeontological defining, division and correlation of these deposits, possibility of building in Quaternary deposits and their economic significance.


Theory teaching
General characteristics of the Quaternary. Development of Quaternary thought, magnetic field reversion, economic and scientific character of the Quaternary. Palaeontological characteristics of the Quaternary. Methods of research in the geology of the Quaternary. Types of Quaternary deposits. Review of regional geology of the Quarternary. Quaternary of Serbia and surrounding areas.

Practical teaching
Showing slides with corresponding profiles and areas of the Quaternary sediment distribution. Video projections of science-popular serials related to the Quaternary. Displaying concrete lithological material obtained from shallow boreholes. Lithological and palaeontological treatment and study of the obtained material by macroscopic and microscopic (stereoscopic binocular) methods. Tour of the laboratory and palaeontological collections from the Quatenary period. Responding to tasks and questions in a practicum from Quaternary Geology. Fields: sightseeing of alluvial levels and loess profiles in the area of ​​Belgrade, possibly a tour of the boreholes, which is under construction.

Suggested Reading List

  1. IMBRI DŽ. i IMBRI. K. P., 1981: Ледена доба.- Библиотека занимљива наука, 1-215, Београд.
  2. МИЛИЋЕВИЋ В., 1997: Сјај звезде Миланковић.- Рударско-геолошки факултет, Институт за геофизику, 1-203, Београд.
  3. НЕНАДИЋ Д. И БОГИЋЕВИЋ К., 2010: Геологија квартара. - Рударско-геолошки факултет Универзитета у Београду, 1-270, Београд.
  4. НЕНАДИЋ Д. И БОГИЋЕВИЋ К., 2011: Практикум из Геологијe квартара, - Рударско-геолошки факултет Универзитета у Београду, 1-39, Београд.

Fund Hours:

Lectures Exercises Other forms of teaching Study research
2 2 0 0

Conduct of the Course: Lectures are held in the form of oral presentations of teachers with a visual projection of the exposed material processed in Power Point.

AssessmentОцена знања:

Final Exam ECTS
Oral Exam 60
Classwork Assessment ECTS
Class Participation 10
Practical Classes 10
Written Tests 20

Additional Assessment Criteria -