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Remote Sensing

Course Description

Study program: Economic Geology (V semester -OAS), Paleontology (V semester -OAS), Regional geology (V semester -OAS), Geophysics (V semester -OAS), Geotechnics (V semester -OAS), Hidrogeology (V semester -OAS), Hidrogeology (VII semester -OAS)

Name of subject: Remote Sensing

Instructors: Dr Uroš Stojadinović

Status: Optional


Prerequisites: -

Course Objectives: Teaching geology students how to use satellite and aerial imagery as a source of data during research, introducing up to date techniques of image processing, analysis, and interpretation.

Learning Outcomes: Students will become skilled to use satellite and aerial imagery for purposes of geological mapping, geomorphological investigations, hydrogeological studies, slope stability investigations, ore deposits research.


Theory teaching
General information. Elements of remote sensing. Electromagnetic energy. Sensors. Platforms. Aerial images. Principles of stereoscopy. Stereoscopy of aerial images. Parallax. Inverse stereoscopic effects. Criteria for obtaining geological data from aerial images. Analysis and interpretation of rock structures, age, and composition. Photogeologic map. Satellite images. Digital image analysis. Obtaining geological data from satellite images.

Practical teaching
Electromagnetic spectrum. Sensors in remote sensing. Stereoscopy of aerial images. Analysis and interpretation of rock structures, age, and composition, slope stability, hydrogeological features, ore deposit indicators. Processing of satellite images. Geological analysis and interpretation of processed satellite images.

Suggested Reading List

  1. Р. Павловић, Т. Чупковић, М. Марковић, 2004: Даљинска детекција. Завод за уџбенике, Београд.
  2. Th. Avery, G. Berlin, 1992: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Airphoto Interpretation, Macmillan, New York, USA.
  3. T. Lillesand, R. Kiefer, 1994: Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation. John Wiley and soons, New York, USA.

Fund Hours:

Lectures Exercises Other forms of teaching Study research
2 2 0 0

Conduct of the Course: Lectures with Power Point presentations, exercises.

AssessmentОцена знања:

Final Exam ECTS
Written Exam 40
Oral Exam 30
Classwork Assessment ECTS
Class Participation 10
Practical Classes 20

Additional Assessment Criteria -