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wednesday 13-14

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Course Description

Study program: Geology (I semester -OAS), Geophysics (I semester -OAS), Geotechnics (I semester -OAS), Hidrogeology (I semester -OAS)

Name of subject: Chemistry

Instructors: Dr Aleksandar Mijatović

Status: Compulsory


Prerequisites: -

Course Objectives: The objective of the course is that the student acquires the knowledge from general and inorganic chemistry which is necessary for understanding material of selected study program, as well as for upgrading and expanding knowledge according to the needs of its further orientation.

Learning Outcomes: The outcome of the course is to integrate the theoretical foundations necessary for understanding professional subjects.


Theory teaching
Basic concepts (chemical element, substance, mixture of substances). Basic chemical laws. Properties of gases. The structure of atom. The Periodic table of elements. Electronic configuration of atoms. Chemical bonding. Aggregate states of substances. Chemical reactions.Chemical kinetics. Chemical equilibrium. Stoichiometry. Electrolytic dissociation and electrolytes. Properties of the solution. Acids, bases and salts. Buffers. Equilibrium in water. pH value. Heterogeneous equilibrium. Electrochemistry.Thermochemistry. The distribution of elements in nature. Noble gases. Elements of 1, 2, 13-18. groups of Periodic table. Transition elements. Coordination compounds.

Practical teaching
Calculation problems and laboratory (experimental) individual exercises.

Suggested Reading List

  1. С.М.Нешић, С.Р.Маринковић, А.Костић-Пулек, 2007. Општа и неорганска хемија, РГФ, Београд.
  2. Н.Л.Глинка 1991. Задаци и вежбе из опште хемије, Научна књига, Београд.

Fund Hours:

Lectures Exercises Other forms of teaching Study research
3 3 0 0

Conduct of the Course: Lectures, auditory, use of PoverPoint presentations. Within practical teaching: colloquiums and experimental exercises.

AssessmentОцена знања:

Final Exam ECTS
Written Exam 70
Classwork Assessment ECTS
Practical Classes 10
Written Tests 20

Additional Assessment Criteria -