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Mining Machinery

Course Description

Study program: Mining Engineering (V semester -OAS)

Name of subject: Mining Machinery

Instructors: Dr Dragan Ignjatović, Dr Vladimir Milisavljević

Status: Compulsory


Prerequisites: none

Course Objectives: Introduction to the design and application of mining machines and devices.

Learning Outcomes: Acquisition of theoretical knowledge from the point of view of design and application of mining machines.


Theory teaching
Introduction (1 week): - Introduction to the course, concept of teaching and the exam. - Application conditions, advantages and disadvantages depending on the mode of operation. Basic terminology, technology and production processes in mining. - Requirements to be fulfilled by machines in working conditions on surface mines and mines with underground exploitation. - Classification of machinery and equipment and mining, historical development of mining machines. Basic components of machines and devices in mining (4 weeks): Propulsion systems (internal combustion motors, electric motors, hydraulic and pneumatic motors); Power transmissions (mechanical power transmission, hydrodynamic power transmission, hydrostatic power transmission, electric power transmission). Transport equipment on mining machines: devices with wheels (wheels, supporting structure, suspension), tracked devices (crawler drive, structure, suspension), rail devices, walking devices, combined units. Stability of the transport system. Specific pressure on the ground. Control devices. Braking systems. Excavation units on mining machines. Machines and devices for underground exploitation (4 weeks): - Machines for excavation and drilling (classification, construction, application, safety measures). - Loading machines (division, construction, application, safety measures). - Machines for continuous and discounted transport (classification, construction, application, safety measures). - Devices for the upgrading of excavated space (classification, construction, application, safety measures). Surface mining machines and devices (5 weeks): - Surface drilling machines. – Surface excavating and loading machines. - Machines and devices for the transport on open cast mines. – Auxiliary machines on open cast mines. – Stackers and spreaders. Mineral processing machines (1 week): - Crushing plants

Practical teaching
At exercises, students take three colloquiums through tests. Colloquiums topics are logical units (machines and devices for underground exploitation, machines and devices for surface exploitation and machines and devices for PMS and auxiliary and preparatory works). Remaining classes are related to practical examples of the selection of machines, verification of the capacities, as well as the calculation and sizing of machines and individual assembly sets.

Suggested Reading List

  1. Драган Игњатовић, Рударске машине, скипта
  2. Драган Игњатовић, Предраг Јованчић машине и уређаји за површинску експлоатацију и транспорт, збирка задатака РГФ 2012
  3. Момчило Симоновић, Багери 1., РГФ 1987
  4. Момчило Симоновић, Машине за копање и транспорт откопаног материјала и постројења за дубинско бушење на површинским откопима, РГФ, 1982
  5. Драгољуб Ђокић, Машине и уређаји за подземну експлоатацију и транспорт – 1 део, машине за бушење и откопавање;
  6. Војин Чокорило, Машине за утовар и транспорт у подземној експлоатацији

Fund Hours:

Lectures Exercises Other forms of teaching Study research
2 2 0 0

Conduct of the Course: Theoretical teaching is carried out as classroom lectures with multimedia support. Practical classes are partly performed in the classroom through assignments and the presentations related to mining machinery and partly by the tour of mining sites and facilities.

AssessmentОцена знања:

Final Exam ECTS
Written Exam 30
Classwork Assessment ECTS
Practical Classes 10
Seminars 60

Additional Assessment Criteria -