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Library and Special Faculty Units


Mineralogical Museum - Collection of the Faculty of Mining and Geology dates back to about 1880, when mineralogy was taught by Josif Pančić. The collection has been constantly enriched with specimens of minerals and rocks from the domestic localities, as well as with presents from the different museums from abroad (Europe, Asia, America, etc.).

The collection has about 4500 different mineral species, rocks and ores, which are used in education and scientific research, thus representing a national treasure.

Paleontological museum – Collection of fossils is an area of 360 m2 (Каменичка 6) and has 20,000 exhibits.

School Mine

School mine is located in the former mine «Crveni breg» (mountain Avala). This mine is used for students of the mining department to perform their fieldwork.



At the beginning of the fifties in the last century, the first mutual volume has been printed - Collection of papers from the Geological Faculty and the Mining Faculty of the Technical High School.

After the two similar professions and sciences united into the unique Faculty, community tradition has continued through cooperation of their libraries as well.

With its impressive holdings which include near 94000 books, 1700 relevant professional journals, 2500 offprints, doctoral and master theses, the library, as a unique entity, represents a developed library-informational service in frame of the education-scientific activity of the Faculty of Mining and Geology.

Informational activity of the Library is partly realized through annual promotions of the Faculty publications. During the last 18-years period, 571 monographs and periodicals have been presented.