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Independent development of geology and education of the first domestic geologists started in 1880, by establishing the Department For Mineralogy and Geology at the High School in Belgrade. Geologists were educated at the Faculty of Philosophy at the High School until the World War II, i.e. at the University since 1905. Since 1948, new generations of professional geologists have been educated at two groups at the Faculty of Natural History, and numerous narrower professional disciplines have been developed at certain Departments and Institutes.

The Mining Section, within which there were two Departments for educating mining engineers and geology engineers, was founded at the Technical Faculty in Belgrade in 1946. The Sections grew into two independent faculties - the Mining Faculty in 1948 and the Geological Faculty in 1949. Both Faculties were united in the Faculty of Mining and Geology in 1956, after relocation in the building in Đušina 7, where it is still located. In 1962, the University Council has brought the decision about uniting the Geological and Geophysical groups of the the Faculty of Mining and Geology and Geological-Paleontological and Mineralogical-Petrological groups of the Faculty of Natural History in the separate Geological Section at the Faculty of Mining and Geology. The Geological-Paleontological group has stayed in Kamenička 6, and the Mineralogical-Petrological group has stayed in the building of the Faculty of Natural History at Studentski Trg 12-16, until today.

Јосиф Панчић (1814 - 1888)

Јован Жујовић (1856 - 1936)

In 1990, Faculty of Mining and Geology has transformed to the current organization form.

In 2008, Faculty of Mining and Geology and all Study programs have passed through the accreditation process according to Bologna declaration ....